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Strategic Partners:

  The Zibit - A network of public display screens for exhibiting artwork.
  Thumbsuckr - Media company offering high quality, inexpensive video and design services.
  Beds for Bands - Connecting musicians on tour with fans who can put them up for the night.
  Scotty Kennedy - The web portfolio of Amsterdam artist Scotty Kennedy (requires Flash).
  Lickies Ice Cream - Fresh, local, organic ice cream.
  the AudioBiography - Alternative pop rock power trio from Seattle.
  ComputerAnts - Click to download this fun, free 'artificial life' program that breeds ants using a simple "genetic algorithm".
  The Children's Gallery Network - To develop and promote art appreciation in our children, and recognize their artistic abilities.
  ShotSpots - A photojournal and guidebook to independent neighborhood cafes.
  Brainsheet - Apply powerful neural network artificial intelligence right from an Excel spreadsheet.
  The Drinkmore Cafe - A neighborhood internet cafe, screening room and live music venue in Seattle, WA.
  Crumpler - Bags that are so fashionable, functional and durable, you'll want to marry them..
  Jellybeat - Interesting news and commentary from bloggers around the world.
  Random Stranger - Click the button and kill 10 minutes talking with a random stranger.

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